Rick Treffers is a European songwriter, singer, guitar player and producer, who has been working on his output of songs for more than 30 years now, moving somewhere between wavy indie folk and dreamy crooner pop, especially keen on melody and (bitter)sweet melancholy.

Rick Treffers sitting

The self-taught musician from Amsterdam is stepping into the European indie scene in 2003 with dreampop ensemble Mist (formerly known as Miss Universe and Girlfriend Misery). Touring Europe – mainly Spain – and doing shows in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, and the United States. Their debut album We Should Have Been Stars is being categorised as ‘Quiet Is The New Loud’, referring to bands that play sensitive rock songs with an intimate approach. 

Parallel to his outings in English, the multi-linguist songwriter releases three moody and colorful rock albums in Dutch and a funny one in Spanish, going by the name El Turista Optimista. He writes music for theatre and publishes a novel about a troubled musician on the road.

Following the release of the outtakes album Underwater in 2017, Mist calls it quits and Rick Treffers continues releasing music under his own name, supported by several musicians from Valencia (Spain) and by some former Dutch members of Mist. In 2024, three years after the release of Looking For A Place To Stay, an album with a touch of existentialism, Treffers presents The Opposite Of Never, ten straightforward songs about love, heartbreak, hope and illusion, one of the main themes in his oeuvre.


2024 | Rick TreffersThe Opposite Of Never (Rick Treffers)
2023 | Rick Treffers & Bárbara BlascoAu bord de la route
2022 | Rick TreffersLevensdrift (Skipping Records)
2021 | Rick TreffersLooking For A Place To Stay (Skipping Records)
2017 | MistUnderwater (Skipping Records)
2015 | MistThe Loop of Love (Skipping Records)
2015 | Mist Selection (Skipping Records) compilation
2013 | El Turista OptimistaSer español (Skipping Records)
2010 | Rick TreffersPrettige Vooruitzichten (Skipping Records)
2009 | Rick Treffers & Rob KloetMara (Skipping Records) EP
2008 | MistPeriod (Skipping Records)
2007 | Rick TreffersHet Heeft Niets Met Jou Te Maken (Silvox)
2005 | MistBye Bye (Astro Discos)
2005 | MistOnly For a Moment (Astro Discos) single
2004 | MistDangerous Words (Astro Discos) EP
2003 | MistWe Should Have Been Stars (Astro Discos)
2001 | Miss UniverseWhere Is My Mind? (Skipping Records) EP
1999 | Miss UniverseThe Belong Song (Paradiso Records)
1998 | Miss UniverseClub Tabú (Skipping Records)
1995 | Girlfriend MiseryOn the Sofa (Chambi /Triquinoise)


2024 | Antonio José Iglesias – San Marino production, vocals
2018 | Una – Hueco de Ausencias production, arrangements, vocals
2017 | Nanga Parbat – For All Those Amber Lights vocals
2014 | Machinefabriek – Stay Tuned vocals
2012 | A Quiet Man – The Affairs vocals,some lyrics
2004 | Una – Fábrica de Cemento production, arrangements, vocals


2018 Ik wou dat ik jouw leven had (Uitgeverij Vreugdenberg) novel